About us

Since the beginning of influencer media, a disconnect has existed between Sponsors, Influencers and Fans, particularly in gaming. Opera Event is a company created by gaming media veterans who are dedicated to bridging this gap.

We commit to helping influencers capture the value of their audience, giving fans the best engagement tools and providing sponsors with a programmatic and scalable solution for influencer media. We do this with our Influencer Management Platform (IMP) and our Quest Mode sponsorship solution.

The founders

Brandon Byrne

A former executive of Curse (startup acquired by Twitch) and Team Liquid (esports startup acquired Jul, 2016). He has raised $25m in venture capital and venture debt. Excels in startups, influencer marketing, digital marketing, gaming, esports, and social media.

Ravi Makadia

A serial entrepreneur, his past companies include Paradigm, Critosphere, and Profound Code. Ravi is also vice chair of a nonprofit which helps kids find their career paths. Excels in technology and predictive analytics.

Andrew Ringlein

Andrew comes from Fortify which was acquired by HP and is a former pro poker player. A father of 5, Andrew enjoys gaming with his children. Excels in data analytics and startup operations.

Erik Bryant

Erik worked at SEGA and EA focusing on monetization and esports. He was a gamer back when he was a kid and is getting back into it now that he has kids of his own.


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