*no that's not a typo.

F2K Gaming -a professional esports and Marketing organization founded in June 2015- has grown to become one of the Top 10 most watched organizations on both Twitch and YouTube. Connecting influencers with their audience through gaming education and entertainment, F2K Sports features star streamers like Alliestrasza, J4ckiechan, and Shadybunny with team member Fitzy running for community lead for the Overwatch USA National team.



  • 21 Initiated by OE
  • 6 Initiated by F2K


  • 49,073 Influencer Actions
  • 85,716 Fan Actions


F2K increased their each, impact, and number of influencers without adding any additional staff (3 managers before and after using OE's Platform)


F2K made no additional monetary investment outside of OE's platform to achieve their current levels of impact


F2K collaborates with OE in advertising campaigns to provide an additional stream of revenue.


With a vision to build an esports org that mixed one part competitive and another in media, there was heavier focus on influencer acquisition and growth. Building their roster of streamers required painstaking research and review of hundreds of thousands of small to mid sized streamers that would ultimately filter through a small group of account managers.

Being able to scale management of their growing network presented huge challenges due to limited resources and finding the right solution. Dedicating equal amounts of time to keep every signed streamer happy, negotiating deals, aligning compliance of influencer posts, and making sure that client deliverables were being properly executed required dozens of hours weekly. This made F2K unable to scale up until they were introduced to OE.


As soon as F2K started working with OE, they instantly had the ability to manage their Team at scale through the Influencer Management Portal (IMP). Setting up individual deals or worrying about a specific post with required language no longer became an issue. F2K was able to easily onboard their existing members, manage campaign flows from a simple dashboard, and allowed an unhindered pathway to secure more streamers. Additionally, with OE’s active sponsorship relationships, F2K was able to expand their partnerships pipeline.

By removing the main pain points of managing their entire roster and sourcing new deals, OE’s platform provided F2K the ability to concentrate on their goal for growth and the Team is still adding new members to this day!


Team management often requires large time commitments to ensure accuracy for campaigns and being able to deliver information to every member of the Team. In order to achieve solvency, F2K leaned on OE’s IMP, our Influencer Management Portal.

IMP understands the many components of management needing to oversee their entire network. We’ve seen many instances where streamers post wrong deliverables or even being unreachable. With the right performance tools, IMP allows for effective management.

OE’s IMP has developed over 100s of features that simplify the management process. These include being able to set goals and track hours streamed + watched, approve social posts before they go live, and send requests to streamers with a push of a button. This has allowed F2K to exponentially grow their Influencer actions and 66X their growth.