Real people, real videos, real results.

We make video ads for brands using the language, faces, and formats consumers already engage with. With 50k+ creators on our platform, our videos are more targeted and cost effective than traditional solutions.

Video Types

Unboxing, First Impressions, Testimonial, Tutorial, Q&A, and more


Audience engagement is higher with authentic, relatable content

Cost Effective

Videos take an average of 2 days to produce and cost 95% less


Ability to edit videos to match brand identity with target channel


Receive videos in multiple languages from different geographic regions


We have the right talent of all genders to resonate with your audience


Your audience is multi-ethnic, shouldn’t your ads be as well?


Pre-vetted network of influencers ready to go, we handle all communication

Case Studies

Example Videos

"Opera Event provides us with unique and authentic creatives that stand out in a sea of copycat ads. The click-to-install rate of their ads was over 50%, some of the strongest in our portfolio."

Warren Woodward
Co-Founder & CGO

"IGC video creatives from Opera Event increased CTR by 70% and decreased the CPI by 50%, and we would highly recommend it to optimize your video ad spend."

Deniz Demircioglu
Performance Marketing Manager
Funimate app by Pixery

"Working with Opera Event has been an eye-opening experience for us. Their fast communication and responsiveness were promising, but the 3 times higher IPM and the amazing conversion rate obtained with their creatives definitely exceeded our expectation."

Andrea Bernardi
Mobile Marketing Manager for Avakin Life
Lockwood Publishing

"The IPM with Opera Event's videos were 164% higher than our previous creatives. Our CPI's dropped by 50% which allowed us to increase our spend 3x on TikTok."

Chris Koziak
Senior Marketing Executive
Hyper Hippo for AdVenture Capitalist

Authenticity at scale. Optimize your heart out.

With over 200 standard optimizations to customize your videos, creating micro-targeted ads for each audience segment is now the norm.

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