Take control of your
team or influencer network

Manage your team

Take control of your channels with audience engagement tools you can customize

Manage your sponsors

Build relationships and monetize with our exclusive sponsor offers directly

Grow your team

Scale your existing campaigns and offer more to your existing sponsors

Grow your sponsors

Manage and grow your team easily with our IMP portal (manage hours streamed and watched in real time).

Take control of your team

Take control of your team and network like never before
  • Create an onboarding quest for application
  • Accept partners, affiliates or everyone
  • Fully customizable for either wide or narrow adoption
  • Establish requirements to join
  • Gain control of your affiliate influencers with powerful new tools, programmatically delivered
    • Modded chat bot
    • Tweet/VOD Flow
    • Payments
    • Team currency
  • Accept applications as you see fit and add them to your influencer management portal (IMP)
  • Establish one, two or five teams to meet the needs of your sponsors

TwitchKittens Quests Example

Manage your Team

IMP provides you with all of the performance tools you
need to run your team effectively
  • Set goals and track hours streamed at watched
  • Send requests out to streamers with the push of a button
  • Manage social media requirements easily
  • Communicate and track engagement with influencers right from our portal
  • Gain reporting for use internally or for sponsors
  • Approve Tweets and VODs BEFORE they are public
  • Gain powerful tools for marketing your sponsor
  • Understand the best performing members of your team
  • Build your own social media presence and overdeliver to your sponsors
  • Know the reach and power your team commands

Grow your Team

Scaling your team and campaigns has never been easier

Wide Adoption

Goal: Expand the reach of the team as wide as possible

First Month

  • 1,700 affiliate and partner applications
  • 100m additional minutes watched
  • 9m additional minutes streamed
  • 4 additional sponsorship offers

Additional Functionality

  • Bot permissions in chat
  • Twitter auth flow
  • Discord permissions

Narrow Adoption

Goal: Onboard a professional esports team and manage sponsors programmatically

First Month

  • 32 partner only applications processed
  • 135m minutes watched
  • 650k minutes streamed
  • 5 additional sponsorship offers

Additional Functionality

  • Trackable “mentions” by influencers
  • Twitter auth flow
  • Discord permissions
  • Alerts on stream

Leverage our technology for your own sponsors

  • Create alerts on stream
  • Create shoutouts from your streamers as needed
  • Provide millions of impressions for logos with carousel ads
  • Provide tweets, video views, VODs, likes and more
  • Use the bot to push offers to your streamers
  • Provide benefits for your team members like free subs, free bits and programmatic hosting that you control
  • Run reporting for sponsors and management
  • Vet influencers applying with our technology
  • Create access for sponsors to view data in real time

Use Opera Event Sponsors

Turn on Quest Mode, our influencer monetization platform and earn revenue for your team. Work with our sponsors who are offering teams deals for streaming their game based on minutes watched.

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